Helicopters for Everybody?

WELCOME to the World of "EZYCOPTER"

A world in the near future where you build and fly your own helicopters.


When the automobile first rolled onto dirt roads in the 19th century, it allowed us to go places we'd never been to and let us get there in a matter of hours instead of days. Unlike the train, which confined people to stops and schedules, the car gave us an amazing sense of freedom.

Today, our cars still give us great freedom - but in many cities, that freedom is tempered by the annoyance of heavy traffic. There's nothing quite as frustrating as being late for work or for an important event because of gridlock.

NASA, Boeing and many other pioneers of VTOL aviation have, for long, envisioned a "flying to work VTOL vehicle". The evolution of such a vehicle to include the EZYCOPTER that may be kit-built or developed with a YOSHINE CDS is becoming imminent. 

This may be the time to explore something different., or as personal "flying-to-work" vehicle. This may be the time for you or your organizations to experiment the development of a flying vehicle that's recreational or educational, and yet, practical.

This may be the time of transforming personal transportation from "ground limited" driving to "sky's the limit" flying!

Want to fly to work?  (Picture in front shows a Boeing concept.)



EzyCopter offers a "NO-TAIL-ROTOR" technology that is:

(1) complete with an integrated coaxial rotor system, accepting simultaneous "cyclic, collective, and yaw" input controls;

(2) superior than other coaxial designs, yet affordable;

EzyCopter will be easier to own, easier to build, and easier to fly. 

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