How can EZYCOPTER be certificated in the USA?

The EZYCOPTER can be certified in the USA under FAA FAR Part 21.191(g) as an experimental and amateur-built aircraft for educational or recreational purposes.

Under this category, as defined in the FAA AC 20-27F, dated 9/26/2003, an aircraft or helicopter or other types of personal air vehicles can be built so long as the major portion is fabricated and assembled by the person or group of persons solely for their own educational or recreational purpose.



THIS ADVISORY CIRCULAR (AC) gives you information and guidance on how to:
(1) Fabricate and assemble an amateur-built aircraft,
(2) Register your aircraft,
(3) Identify and mark your aircraft,
(4) Get your aircraft inspected and certificated,
(5) Flight test your aircraft,
(6) Operate your aircraft,
(7) Receive certification of an amateur-built aircraft purchased outside the United States, and
(8) Become a repairman for your amateur-built aircraft.

The FAA has always been keen to assist and guide amateur builders to encourage development of individual's own designs, stating that ".....it would be impractical...for the FAA to develop...design guidelines...standards for the wide variety of design configurations created by designers, kit manufacturers and amateur builders."  This tradition has been the key element enabling the US to maintain as a super-air-power.

The European JAA Community is catching up with the FAA amateur-built concept, they have, now, passed a regulation to encourage "Very Light Rotorcraft" (VLR). The majority of Asian countries are not standing still. Japan is accelerating it's efforts to become a global aviation leader. China is planning expansions of its helicopter industry. Korea seeks to put on it's image as a major player in the small aircraft and helicopter industries. Singapore wants to be recognized as an aviation hub. Malaysia has vowed to become a  aviation country by 2020...Now, even Hong Kong is hosting "HeliTech-Asia" to showcase new helicopters from around the world......

At YOSHINE Helicopters, we have participated and responded by developing a variety of coaxial drive systems (CDS) to facilitate the development of personal recreational and educational coaxial helicopters to a step beyond what had been previously achieved.