In November, 2003, YOSHINE debuted its Coaxial Drive System, CDS-1 at the HeliTech Exhibition in Duxford, near Cambridge, UK.


In June 2004, YOSHINE  made a demo flight of its first UAV with a pair of 25hp engines driving a YOSHINE CDS-1 simultaneously, remotely piloted, confirming our objective to develop an easy to fly coaxial helicopter the word has been waiting for.

In January 2004, Popular Mechanics reported in TechWatch, citing EZYCOPTER as one of the "Future Helicopters Invade England" among EC 225 and Sikorsky S-92.

In July 2005, YOSHINE was invited for a presentation on "VTOL UAV - A Coaxial Alternative" at the UAV Forum of the Paris Air Show 2005. 

2006 - YOSHINE continued development of a CDS-2 with integrated cyclic, collective, and yaw controls.

2008 - a full-size EZYCOPTER-2 demonstrator was tested.


2009 - Several CDS-1 and CDS-2 have been sold to helicopter developers worldwide for developing their own versions of "EzyCopter".

2010 - CDS-3 has been modified and improved based on feedbacks.


2011 - Works continue to improve and in cooperation with a German firm to develop a coaxial Light Sport Helicopter type.  Please stand by for news.

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