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In the 1950's, the "Coaxial Helicopters for Everybody" concept first appeared.

"Helicopter Dream of Yesterdays": 1950's


In 1954, the Gyrodyne Company in Long Island, NY, built a number of one-manned coaxial helicopters, powered by a Porsche engine of 70hp, for the U.S. Marine Corps for demonstration study.


By 1963, the Gyrodyne Company had completed coaxial helicopters for both manned and unmanned shipboard operations.

President John F. Kennedy was so impressed after watching an "anti-submarine warfare" (ASW) demonstration, he ordered that production of these vehicles be done on a much larger scale.

By November 30, 1970, after the U.S. government had invested over $275 million dollars, the ASW program was cancelled, due funding required for other operations to support the Vietnam war.

In Nov 2003, YOSHINE debuted the world's first "Coaxial Drive System" called a CDS at the "HeliTech 2003" near Cambridge, UK.

The CDS was designed to eliminate the tail-rotor so that 100% power can be provided for lifting 100% of the time, making it more easy to hover, and to fly low and slow, and mostly more affordable.

By 2004, YOSHINE flew its first "Coaxial Helicopter" built with a CDS, powered with twin 25hp engines, remotely piloted as a UAV (unmanned air vehicle), confirming Yoshine's goal to make "Helicopter Flying Easy".



In 2005, BOEING proposed a "Want to fly to work?" air vehicle that happened to be a coaxial design with a car body.


In 2008, a two-seat coaxial EZYCOPTER demonstrator built with a YOSHINE CDS was introduced as a test model.

By June 2009, a coaxial helicopter prototype was designed and built with an OEM CDS, debuted at the "Paris Airshow 2009" by a European company .

Yes, a coaxial helicopter like an EZYCOPTER may be designed and developed with a custom CDS by Yoshine. EZYCOPTER eliminates the need for a tail-rotor, providing 100% lifting power, 100% of the time. The elimination of the tail-rotor will reduce the workload for developing a new coaxial helicopter. 

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