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RX-50 with Centrifugal Clutch & Pully

XH40 is a Single Stage Wankel Rotary type engine producing up to 40hp at 7,500RPM, vibration free, weight approx. 25kgs, made in Germany. If you want a small light weight engine running like a turbine without vibration, yet producing ample power, the XF40 rotary engine could be the one.  See the smooth running power curve of the RX rotary engine as compared with sharp power cycles of a two-cylinder piston engine below: 

Power Curve/Peak Line:

RX50 Single Cylinder Rotary Engine (Smooth) vs.  Two Cylinder Piston Engine (Sharp)


Paul Woelfle - the inventor for the RX-50 rotary engine.

James, from the USA, a FAA certified helicopter flight instructor, examines the RX50 core in his hands. 

Home Up XF-40 HIRTH Electric